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How Will You Keep Going?

Some days everything just seems to go sideways and upside down. So what do you do?? Crawl under the covers and hide?? HELL NO!! Stop the downward slide the way only YOU can. So everything may not go perfect all the time but what are you doing about it to change things up when your […]

Motivation Level

Do you ever wonder why you absolutely crush some goals but struggle with others? 🤷🏻‍♂️What is the difference? Try turning up the dial on your motivation.  What is it that motivates you?  If your motivation to achieve a goal isn’t significant enough you aren’t setting yourself up for success. Dig deep and challenge yourself to find […]

Removing Self Doubt

Self-doubt is something we all face in life. Have you ever wondered what is causing that self-doubt? Challenge yourself to determine what actual events or circumstances caused that doubt to surface. You’ll often find that doubt is not based on anything that has taken place previously, but rather are irrational thoughts. Just as quickly as […]

When Negativity Sets In

Some days you overanalyze where you’re at and your perception of reality becomes skewed and inaccurate. The pictures on the right in orange are from a few months ago while working out in Edmonton after finishing a conference and before catching a flight home. I’ve been training pretty hard lately and my motivation level is […]

Are You Ready?

So you’ve decided you want to take your goals to the NEXT LEVEL. Ask yourself 🚀What specifically do I want to achieve? By when? 🚀Why do I want this? What is my motivation? 🚀How will it benefit me? 🚀Is this realistic? 🚀What will result if I don’t achieve this? 🚀What am I REALLY willing to […]

My Transformation Journey

I’ve done lots of reflection lately on my transformation journey. Always in search of that mindset of feeling satisfied and fulfilled with where I’m at. Becoming an executive/life coach has really helped me to look at some things in the past and what I did and didn’t get out of them. So many learnings for […]