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Peak State Triad–Learning To Control Your Emotions

Our emotions play a huge role in how you feel and as a result influence the STATE or MINDSET that you are in.  If you’re able to achieve a peak state more often, then the quality of your life will be enhanced.  You are much more likely to be happier, have a growth mindset and […]

Give To Yourself So You Can Give To Others

Giving is such a powerful interaction in life.  It’s important to feel as though we’ve helped to make someone else’s life better while feeling the power and energy of contribution. Contribution is one the six basic human needs and is essential to spiritual well-being. Think of the last time you gave to someone….how good did […]

Happy Father’s Day–Miss you Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! It’s days like today where I miss my Dad so much. ❤️🙏🏼 I wish I could pick up the phone right now and say Happy Father’s Day and tell him how much I love him. Although it’s been almost 14 years…the pain never goes away. But […]

Don’t Forget About YOUR Dreams

When your mission and purpose in life is to help others to live their best lives, you must be aware of not forgetting about yourself. It’s definitely a fine line. The more you help people, the more inspired you become since that is aligning with your values and beliefs. There needs to be a balance […]

Is Life Happening TO YOU or FOR YOU?

Especially during these uncertain times…simply changing your language can help you to shift your mindset. Starting today, think of all the positive things and learnings that have occurred as a result of our recent challenges.🙏🏼 Is life happening TO YOU or FOR YOU? YOU DECIDE UNLEASH YOUR INNER CHAMPION #coaching #executivecoaching #resultscoaching #life #healthandwellness #athletes #focus #excellence #resilience #perspective #learn #growth #inspire #motivate #empower

Don’t Trade Your Authenticity For Approval

How often do you seek approval from others? How is that benefiting you? 🤔 Be authentic…be yourself…and don’t trade that for approval from others. ✅ Unleash Your Inner Champion #coaching #authenticity #beyourself #passion #excellence

Your Tribe Is Your Vibe

✅The people in your network can have a big influence on your path in life. ✅If you want to grow and do big things in life, then surround yourself with others who also want to grow and do big things. ✅If it’s important to you to support others then make sure you have people in […]