When Negativity Sets In

Some days you overanalyze where you’re at and your perception of reality becomes skewed and inaccurate.

The pictures on the right in orange are from a few months ago while working out in Edmonton after finishing a conference and before catching a flight home. I’ve been training pretty hard lately and my motivation level is super high right now. When I looked at the pics I immediately focused on the areas I need to work on and became frustrated and negative rather than be proud and positive about the progress I’m making.

It took pulling out a pic from about 18 years ago and a pep talk from to help put me back in a positive state….to focus on how far I’ve come and being able to create lasting change and transform my life over so many years.

Remember this statement…”where focus goes…emotion flows”…One of the best things I took away from @upwnewyork2018 and @tonyrobbins.

It’s unreal how easy it is to go into a negative emotional state just by focusing on the wrong things. BUT…also remember it’s just as easy to shift back into a positive emotional state by focusing on the right things.

Try and shift your focus and see for yourself how quickly your emotions change! We all go into negative emotional states at times…we are human after all…but know that YOU ARE IN CONTROL of pulling yourself out!

Unleash Your Inner Champion