Andrea Laturnas

Nick is an incredible person and an amazing coach. From the moment I met Nick, I could sense that he is a kind, genuine and caring person. In coaching and in life, he creates a shared space of trust and vulnerability in his interactions with others. This natural ability to put people at ease made me feel comfortable discussing things that I have never talked about with anyone else. Nick has overcome various obstacles and challenges in his own life and I really appreciate that he has “been there” and “gets it”. His passion is infectious and inspiring. He is thoughtful, listens attentively, asks great questions, and challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and grow. I have worked with Nick on themes related to work, health and fitness, and with his help I have gained insights into my fears and goals and have achieved greater awareness, confidence and success. I have participated in Nick’s eight-week Breakthrough NOW! course and individual coaching, and highly recommend Nick for any coaching you may require. He is truly a partner in your journey. Thanks Nick!