Wanda Hildebrand

Hello.  My name is Wanda Hildebrand and this is supposed to be a video!!  However, I have yet to step that far out of my comfort zone to make a video of myself, but I promise I will JUST DO IT in the near future!!

I would like to share my experience of having Nick Doulias as a coach.  I have now participated in two Breakthrough Now! 8 week courses with Nick and absolutely loved it.  The people I met were great! Nick’s sincere passion to help others is what inspired me to join.  He has this charming way of inspiring others, and by sharing his experiences and achievements, he makes you believe you too can accomplish your goals, your dreams, and live your best life!  He leads by example 100 percent!  He is living proof it can be done!  Nick makes you want to do better, be better and he is right there with you every step of the way….and beyond.

Our Breakthrough NOW! motto has been “Just Do it!”  Just do the thing….whatever that may be for you.  I would encourage anybody and everybody to treat themselves to the Breakthrough NOW course with Nick, or take advantage of any other coaching opportunities he may offer.  You will not be disappointed.  I believe we all benefit from doing this for ourselves.  You may think you can’t afford it.  I would say how can you NOT afford it?  You deserve it!   Do it for yourself, and then go share all this good stuff with the people you love.

I am so grateful and proud to say I am now well on my way to finally achieving my goals thanks to Nick. Goals that I have made for myself year after year and for whatever reason, never got it done.  He is so determined to help me crush my goals, I can’t lose.  Plus, I now have two tribes of awesome people from the accountability groups I participated in that also have my back.  We all inspired each other and shared so many good things. We laughed a LOT!  We also allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and emotional in a very private and confidential setting.  Never once did I feel uncomfortable.   I actually missed those weekly meetings when the 8 weeks came to an end.  It is a great feeling to share with others.  To know you’re not alone in your struggles, and to have Nick and a great group of people cheering you on.

A million thanks to you Nick for caring and sharing!  I know you can’t help but share everything you have learned and experienced with the rest of the world.  We are blessed!!