Don’t Forget About YOUR Dreams

When your mission and purpose in life is to help others to live their best lives, you must be aware of not forgetting about yourself.

It’s definitely a fine line. The more you help people, the more inspired you become since that is aligning with your values and beliefs. There needs to be a balance though. A good friend of mine once said to me, “If you’re working on the dreams of others then you might be neglecting your own dreams”.

So what does this mean? Does it mean you shouldn’t help others? No, absolutely not. What is does mean though is that you can become so invested in the success of others at times, that you may forget about moving yourself forward to achieving your dreams and goals.

I used to think that focusing on myself was selfish, and that all my time and efforts should be spent on helping others. The truth is, if you’re not focusing on yourself first, then that is actually selfish as you’re not able to give the best of yourself to those that you want to help and serve.

So remember to make time to focus on YOUR dreams and goals. By taking care of yourself first you will better align with your mission and purpose in life, and in turn be able to better help others to achieve their dreams and goals…it’s a win-win!