Give To Yourself So You Can Give To Others

Giving is such a powerful interaction in life.  It’s important to feel as though we’ve helped to make someone else’s life better while feeling the power and energy of contribution.

Contribution is one the six basic human needs and is essential to spiritual well-being.

Think of the last time you gave to someone….how good did that feel?  Why did it feel so good?  What were the feelings you had?  How did it make the other person feel?  How did it help you to grow as a person?

One of the keys to giving is that we don’t look at it as transactional.  We shouldn’t give in order to receive something back.  You give because you want to.  You give because you want to help make someone else’s life better, and it gives you that spiritual satisfaction of having contributed to helping someone.

Is there such a thing as giving too much though?  Can we be too selfless?

I think yes, absolutely!  I will often do a self-checkin and ask myself what I am getting out of giving.  What is satisfying about it?  What purpose is it serving?  Am I feeling good about it or are there certain hesitations starting to creep in?

In order to keep giving to others, you need to give to yourself, first and foremost.  Giving allows us to feel the need for contribution, but if you’re not able to answer what giving in a certain situation is giving back to yourself then you need to reconsider.

Giving to yourself can mean so many different things.  From having compassion and love for yourself, to allowing yourself to be human, make mistakes and learn from them.

Learning to give to ourselves is often overlooked.  It’s not selfish….it’s essential!  Giving to ourselves allows us to recharge and be able to continuing giving to others.

Keep on giving, keep on contributing, but remember to ask yourself the question “what purpose do I have for giving and how is it serving ME in a positive way?”.

Have a great week!

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