Peak State Triad–Learning To Control Your Emotions

Our emotions play a huge role in how you feel and as a result influence the STATE or MINDSET that you are in.  If you’re able to achieve a peak state more often, then the quality of your life will be enhanced.  You are much more likely to be happier, have a growth mindset and focus on achieving excellence in your life.

One big factor that affects our state, as humans, is living in the past.  We often focus on past events and how we were negatively influenced by those events.  In essence we are holding on to things that we can’t change, and as a result our state is negatively impacted.  We begin to make excuses as to why things are the way they are in the present, rather than learning from the past.

Your state can change from one minute to the next, so it’s important to have a plan to ensure that we are in a peak state as often as possible.

So what are the factors that influence our emotions and thereby our state?

1- Physiology

How we use our bodies has a huge impact on our emotions and how we feel.  Think about how you breathe when you’re upset compared to when you are relaxed or happy.  Big difference, right?  When you’re upset or angry your breathing is likely shallower and more rapid whereas in a relaxed and happy state it is likely more rhythmic, full and slower.  How about your posture?  In a relaxed state your shoulders are probably down and back whereas when angry or upset you are more likely to be more hunched forward with lots of tension in your neck and shoulders.

Taking the time to change your physiology and understand how this connects to your emotions is really important.  Try it out!  Next time you feel stresssed out, notice what your breathing and posture are like.  Make a conscious effort to slow down your breathing and take full deep breaths in and out–similar to what you would do in meditation.  Also, you can change from sitting to standing, or go for a walk.  Exercise is a great way to change your physiology as week.  When you take care of your body, your emotions are typically more positive.  All of these things are changing your physiology so that you can positively impact your emotions and therefore your state.

You can also be proactive with this.  Don’t wait until you’re in a negative state to change your physiology.  Make a habit of doing breathing exercises or meditation at the start of your day to help put yourself in a positive state.  All it takes is 5-10 minutes and it can have a huge impact on the rest of your day!  Or, get your workout in early on in the day and start your day feeling positive and in a peak state.

2- Focus

“Where focus goes, energy flows”.

This is so true!  Do you focus on the positives and learnings in life, or do you tend to dwell on the negatives or what could go wrong?

Think of how you feel when you focus on a negative event that took place in the past, or when you’re worried about something in the future.  Notice what happens to your energy and emotions.  This often will make you go into a negative state…far from a peak mindset.

So simply change your focus.  Ask yourself; What did I learn from this past event?  What good things have come out of it?  What if the future things I’m worrying about go well rather than assuming something bad will happen?  You can change what you are focusing on quite easily if you make a conscious effort to do so!

3- Language

The words you use, both internally and externally, are so important in determining the state you are in.

What language do you typically use?  Do you put yourself down and say “I can’t do this” or “I always fail” or “Bad things always seem to happen to me”.

Try changing your language to things such as “I’ve got this” or “I know I can succeed” or “Bad things may have happened to me but I can always take away the learnings”.  You can also think of different empowering words that represent who you are or want to be.  An example would be “I am a warrior” or “I am resilient” or “I am successful”.

It’s easy to get caught up in saying the things we’ve always said to ourselves, and we start to believe those things.  Often we don’t even realize that we’ve said the words.  Try to change them.  Write your new empowering words on sticky notes and post them in your house, office or wherever you can so you can start to change your language.


Work on these three factors and you will notice your emotions change which will then put you in a better state or mindset.  It really is in your control, and is simpler than you may think!  Even being more aware of these factors will help you to “catch yourself” when you are in a negative state.  When that happens, change things up!  Stand up, go for a walk, exercise,focus on your breathing, check your focus and change your language.  When you start to realize how much control you have over your emotions, it’s a pretty cool thing!

Achieving excellence in life is so much easier when you are in a peak state!  What is holding you back from achieving this?